winter decor

23 March 2015

The last few weeks in Wisconsin have been fifty degrees and sunny, making this March one of the warmest in years. Today, on the 23 of the month, it is twenty-one degrees and snowing.

This is why Wisconsinites keep their winter decorations up for so long.

cloud gate

16 February 2015

Cloud Gate is section of Millennium Park which most people refer to as simply The Bean, alluding to the giant bean-shaped sculpture in the middle of the area. The sculpture, as shown by the image, is reflective, proving a unique distorted view of the people nearby and the city beyond them. 

mont saint-michel

06 April 2012

We drove for quite a while, past many peculiar clouds and truffula tress and rural landscapes, until we reached our next destination. The city upon a hill seemed to jump out right in front of us as we drove between the flat mud and water filled terrain. The Mont Saint-Michel was quite a sight. The ancient architecture and the cobblestone streets packed with tourists, souvenirs, and food vendors provided for an adventure that was quite impossible to forget. 

charles de gaulle airport

04 April 2012

After nine long hours on a flight of anticipation and excitement, we finally arrived in at the Charles de Gaulle Airport on the outskirts of Paris, France. Upon our arrival at the airport, we meet our tour guide Marie Helene, a charming lady full of spunk and stories. We waited for our travel-mates from California, of which, we would soon find out, the normal Californian stereotypes applied. The group arrived at the airport dressed in what we could only assume was the latest Californian fashions, complete with black skinny jeans, striped sweaters, and expensive hats and handbags. Nearly every one of them had a giant DSLR camera slung around their neck. Now I'm certainly not saying all Californians are rich, well-dressed, and pretentious (some of my best friends are from California!), but this particular group didn't exactly reject the stereotype. After the Californians arrived, we all headed out to the bus, where we were greeted by our bus driver and a three hour long ride to our hotel in downtown Paris. Due to the terrible jet-lag, and the fact that Marie Helene had started explaining the history of France and the current political events of the day, we all feel asleep pretty quickly. We were still groggy and droopy-eyed when our teacher woke us up, but the view outside the bus as we neared our destination was well worth it. Paris was spectacular, and we were still far from the heart of it.